Get Involved

Donate Life Arizona is always looking for people to champion our Donate Life message and be a voice for donation and transplantation throughout Arizona. Individuals can volunteer, help us promote donation, participate in one of our many partnerships, attend community events and donate money to DNA for public education purposes.

Donate Life Arizona volunteers make a great impact on donor registrations by sharing their personal story of donation and transplantation, staffing registration booths and assisting with event preparation.

Additionally, our community, professional and health care partners provide an important platform from which to spread the Donate Life message. From hosting a Donate Life Arizona speaker to offering employees the opportunity to register as organ and tissue donors, our various partners are great ambassadors for the Donate Life mission.

You can help us promote the lifesaving and life-healing message of organ donation every day by donning Donate Life Arizona gear, attending our community events and donating to DNA. Support us in one of the many ways that works best for you, and become a voice for saving and healing lives in Arizona!