About Donation

While organ and tissue transplantation surgeries are now the standard and highly successful procedures, the need for organ, cornea and tissue donation is still great. Thousands wait to receive lifesaving organ transplants and life-healing tissue transplants in Arizona and across the nation.

Donor Network of Arizona (DNA) is the state’s only federally designated, nonprofit 501(c)3 organ procurement organization. We are also a tissue recovery organization for transplantation and Arizona’s only eye bank providing corneal tissue for transplantation. We recover organs, tissues and cornea donations across the state of Arizona to save and heal lives throughout the country. DNA works closely with Arizona hospitals to facilitate the selfless gift of donation.

Thanks to DNA’s many community, volunteer and health care partners, we are able to promote the Donate Life message throughout the state and encourage others to say yes to organ and tissue donation.

In Arizona, people can check the box to become registered organ, cornea and tissue donors when they apply for a driver’s license or state ID at the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division (ADOT MVD). They can also sign up online at www.DonateLifeAZ.org or call 1-800-94-DONOR.

After registering as an organ, cornea and tissue donor, we encourage you to speak with your family and friends about your decision to share life.